About me

I have been interested in horses for as long as I can remember. I have worked for many years as a trainer, fulfilling my dreams of helping people, which gives me great satisfaction. I completed my medical studies at the University in Poznan, Poland. I learned a lot about psychosomatics during my work as a physiotherapist which includes working with the muscles of the body. In my work as a physiotherapist, I have become more aware of and developed a good understands of psychosomatics. Psychosomatics is the relationships between the mental and physical aspect of human body. I gained an understanding of how this relationship works and I learned a lot of useful techniques which I use in the treatment of my patients.

I have led workshops on increasing body awareness, improving trainings and relaxation through massage for people who are not connected with medicine. The majority of my studies are riders and older people. The techniques can be easily learned and shared. All progressive riders need to be aware of the range of muscular tension of the body.

The work as a physiotherapist is mainly directed towards the orthopedic, neurological and/or cardiological diseases etc. however we must concentrate on the whole body – that includes the physical and the spiritual. The mind and the soul are all one. They are interconnected. The needs of the body and soul, spiritual and physical must be met in order to achieve a harmonics and healthy live/body balanced. You will find this fulfillment in Harmonylife.

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